When the Big Island Is Your Dream Destination, Don't Do This

When the Big Island Is Your Dream Destination, Don't Do This

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 09/26/18

If you’re thinking of living your dream and moving to the Big Island of Hawaii, you already know there is a lot to think about; which part of the island do you want to live on, how can you make the move easier, what are the costs of living, etc. It does require quite a bit of careful thought and research, and you’ll definitely want to visit the island at least a time or two if you haven’t already.

All of that said, there are some things you don’t want to do which our Big Island luxury real estate brokers are sharing below!

Don’t Do This

Wait until retirement age. Given that the average lifespan of a man in the U.S. is 76 and 81 for women, why wait until you’re 65 or 67 years old when you may have only 10 or 12 years to finally relax and enjoy all life has to offer? It’s also important to consider those on the island often live an active lifestyle whether hiking, surfing, biking, golfing or engaging in other fun pastimes. By moving to the island sooner rather than later, not only can you become more active, you’ll also live a healthier lifestyle – which could add to those years of your life.

​​​​​​​Spend months or years doing research. When your dream is to live in Hawaii, it’s sometimes better to just take the leap instead of researching every little thing to death. If you wait for the stars to align, it will never happen. It’s like saying “we plan to build a bigger house when we can afford it,” and for most people that day never comes. Of course you want to do some research, but often those who move here find that things tend to fall in place.

Think you can balance out the cost of living. Anyone who’s honest and lives in Hawaii will tell you the cost of living is higher on almost everything, from groceries and rent to electricity. People who want to live their dreams find a way to do it. On the flip side, you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmers, fresh seafood and other local fare for a song. Entertainment doesn’t have to cost a dime considering you can enjoy the beaches, mountains and all of nature the Big Island has to offer anytime you like. Simplicity is a wonderful thing, and it can pare down costs dramatically.

For many who want to invest in a vacation or second home on the Big Island cost is no object. Investing in any type of property is smart, and an investment in your future. If you’re interested in a parcel of land, single-family home, condo, or sprawling estate, give our Big Island real estate professionals a call today!