Using the Internet to Market Your Hawaii Homes Gives You a Big Advantage

Using the Internet to Market Your Hawaii Homes Gives You a Big Advantage

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 03/22/18

Back in the “old days” homeowners who wanted to list their home for sale would put an ad in the newspaper (and perhaps a photo), list it with a real estate agent, stick a sign in the yard and call it done. Nothing like today, where digital marketing makes it possible to put your Big Island home, estate or property in front of countless prospective buyers! As one of the most reputable luxury real estate companies on Hawaii Island,

we know the impact marketing online can have – and that you could get even more for your home than you hoped for. Here’s why.

​​​​​​​It’s up the you as the seller to ensure your home has great curb appeal and that the inside looks perfect (something you may want a professional home stager to take care of), but an agent with digital marketing experience can take things so much further by:

  • Including blog or social media posts that target potential buyers.
  • Using videos and clear, professional photos to showcase your home on their own website, as well as others (Zillow, Realtor, etc.).
  • Using email marketing if the agent has an extensive list of people in search of a home.

A realtor can effectively market your home or property using professional photos and videos via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s important to note that photos taken with cell phones are not usually that great, and professional photographers have many tools at their disposal that will showcase your home in a way that captures the eyes and attention of potential buyers.

It’s vital to use a listing agent with a company whose website receives lots of views, as this means a larger number of prospective buyers will see your property. Mauna Kea Realty ranks on page one of the search results pages for many search terms used by buyers, which means a much higher traffic volume.

Many companies today include “virtual tours” in their listings so that potential buyers can get a clear picture of the entire home, exterior, interior, every room and space. The next best thing to touring a home in person, and very persuasive for prospective buyers!

If you’re interested in listing your estate, home, condo or other property and want the opportunity to work with professionals who understand the importance of digital marketing and how to use it to your advantage, contact the Big Island real estate brokers at Mauna Kea Realty today.