Living in Kona on the Big Island - A Few Elavation Tips

Living in Kona on the Big Island - A Few Elavation Tips

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 01/17/19

If you’re moving to the Big Island or simply moving from another location on the island to Kailua Kona, you may wonder where the best elevation is considering the various heights over the slopes of Hualalai. Does elevation really make any difference, or should you choose one based on whether you prefer to be at sea level or way up high? These tips for living in Kona will help you make a decision.

If you want peace and tranquility, higher elevations are a better choice because you’re not in the midst of traffic, neighbors, congestion, roads and all of the noise.

​​​​​​​Enjoy a different kind of wildlife. When you live on the beach or at sea level, what comes to mind in regards to wildlife? Probably whales, turtles, fish and other life found in the ocean. The truth is, Hawaii also has lots of other wildlife for those at higher elevations to enjoy including parrots, geese, sheep, pigs, ducks and even wild turkeys. Life on the farm is something you can definitely experience in Kona!

Cooler temperatures. A lot of people love temperatures in the mid-80’s, but if you prefer temperatures on the cooler side it’s important to know they drop the further you go up. For instance if you choose an elevation of about 2,500 ft., expect temperatures to average about 75 degrees.

Spacious lots. Higher elevations offer more opportunities to enjoy a large lot where you can not only have more privacy, but enjoy beautiful gardens, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, or even grow your own coffee. If an acre or even a handful of acres sounds divine, up is the direction you’ll want to go.

Of course it’s wonderful to live anywhere on the Big Island, and people do love living right in the middle of the beaches and all the activity. That said, if a peaceful, quiet, more private setting sounds like your cup of tea, our Big Island luxury real estate brokers can help you find your perfect piece of Heaven!