Is Purchasing a Big Island Luxury Home Over the Holidays Smart?

Is Purchasing a Big Island Luxury Home Over the Holidays Smart?

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 12/15/16

Many potential buyers aren’t sure if buying a Big Island luxury home during the holiday season is a smart move. As Big Island real estate professionals, we can tell you it definitely can be! Ultimately, buyers have the advantage when it comes to purchasing their dream home over the holidays, simply because there isn’t as much competition. Lots of people wait until after the holidays or even spring, and sellers are more open to “dealing” when anxious to sell their homes.

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Here’s a simple scenario that will help you understand why purchasing that spectacular Kukio home over the Christmas holiday is smart: Other families are often more interested in all of the holiday hoopla: trimming the tree, shopping, and figuring out what the perfect meal will be for their guests. In the meantime, you’re snagging the home of your dreams while others put it off until a later date!

​​​​​​​Let’s be honest; during the spring or other prime buying times, those in the market for a new home often have considerable competition. Not only may you be competing against multiple offers, writing the “love letter” to the seller, or getting pre-approved, the willingness of the seller to negotiate on closing is another obstacle you may have to endure. During the holiday season when people are all caught up in other activities and distracted, it’s the ideal time to snag the deal. In many cases, sellers will also lower the price in order to sell quickly, rather than wait for months or even longer to sell their homes.

As a buyer, you may not realize the opportunity before you during the holiday season. According to data, at least 85% of people surveyed who intend to purchase a home within a one-year time span say they will wait until the spring or summer season. What does this mean for you? An abundance of opportunities, less competition, and perhaps even a lower price. Who wouldn’t go for that?

True, fewer homeowners choose to put their homes on the market during the winter months or holiday season – but of those who do, many are highly motivated to make the sale, even when they have to “cut a deal” with the buyer. For you, it’s perhaps the smartest decision you’ll make in a lifetime if you’re in the market for a beautiful upscale home for your family, or as an investment.

At Mauna Kea Realty, we understand the holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. However, if you’re thinking of purchasing a luxury property on the Big Island, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime! Contact us today for all of your luxury real estate needs.