First-time Visitor to the Big Island? A Few Things That May Surprise You

First-time Visitor to the Big Island? A Few Things That May Surprise You

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 03/14/19

Shocking Facts?

Maybe you’re headed to the Big Island to check out the real estate, or simply to relax and enjoy a week-long vacation. Whatever the reason, if you have never been to Hawaii’s largest island before, there are a few things you may find surprising. It’s not all sunshine, palm trees and beautiful beaches – but it truly IS a paradise! Read on for a few perhaps “shocking” facts.

Hawaiian Cowboys

Hawaii is home to cowboys – and lots of them. What, you say? It’s true, there is a Hawaii cowboy (Paniolo) culture and it isn’t a small one. Waimea is where you will see acres and acres of rolling ranch land, Parker Ranch being one of the oldest in the U.S. and spanning more than 130,000 acres! Depending on what time of year you visit, you may experience a rodeo or some great cowboy entertainment. Huh.

No Vog

Vog is no longer a “thing” here. Yes, 2018 was a year of major volcanic eruptions and the vog caused by the spewing lava was quite horrendous for a while, but it’s all settled down now. Today the air pollution is minimal and the bluest skies you’ve probably ever seen are on the horizon.

10 Climate Zones

It’s always 80 degrees, dry and sunny. NOT! The Koppen Climate Classification System claims you can find 10 climate zones on the Big Island, and there are only 14 in the world. You can witness at least a little of this for yourself by simply driving from Waimea where it’s warm and dry to Hilo, where the air is a bit more humid and it seems to be wet or rainy all the time. The higher the altitude, the cooler it is as well.

No Freeways

There are no freeways to transport you from one side of the island to the other, and the Big Island is aptly named because it is huge! Bigger than most people imagine, it would take you more than a few hours to drive across the entire island. That said, you can enjoy touring the island and a true “road trip” by cruising along at 55 or 60 mph on some of the major highways.

Want Some Big Island Luxury Real Estate?

It’s funny the pictures we get in our minds of a place we’ve never been in person, and often we’re quite surprised by what we do find when we get there. One thing is certain; having Big Island luxury real estate is like having your own little piece of heaven.