Considering a Big Luxury Island Home - What You'll Be Thankful for

Considering a Big Luxury Island Home - What You'll Be Thankful for

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 12/20/17
Kauna’oa Luxury Home At Mauna Kea Resort

Of course, the spectacular ocean views, year-round warm temperatures, and active lifestyle are enough to make you dream of living on the Big Island, but there are lots of other “perks” you’ll be grateful for, should you decide that living in a Big Island luxury home is ideal for you. What are those things you’ll be most grateful for? Here are a few examples.

Slight temperature swings. When you live on the mainland, temperatures can vary dramatically from summer to winter. In most areas on the Big Island, you don’t have to completely change your wardrobe out when the seasons change. During winter, temperatures are about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while summer brings on temperatures of around 90 degrees or so. Not much of a temperature variance! You can enjoy beautiful weather year-round.

Humidity – it’s a good thing. Humidity is healthier for your skin than dry air, so you’ll enjoy looking younger when the moisture in the air plumps up those tiny lines and wrinkles that are starting to crop up. Don’t believe us? Spend a little time in a state with dry air (Arizona is a good example) and you’ll literally see the difference in the mirror.

Food straight from the source. Until you’ve experienced an apple, mango, or banana straight from the tree, you don’t realize how inferior those groceries you buy at Walmart or Costco taste. Roadside stands offer tropical treats that are fresh and straight from the source, whether you’re craving a banana, mango, pineapple, or other local fruit. Fresh, fruity, and absolutely heavenly for the taste buds!

The culture and laid-back lifestyle. The culture of Hawaii is absolutely amazing, and nowhere on earth will you find a more rich history or friendly people who are ready to become fast friends or neighbors. Considering you’ll live where the water is easily accessible anytime you want to go surfing, snorkeling or fishing, and the abundance of beautiful golf courses, spas, hiking trails and other activities, you can’t help but feel relaxed and happy in this thing called life.

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